Welcome to Friends Helping Friends of Cayuga County

A secular, charitable 501(c)3 nonprofit where neighbors help neighbors and pay kindnesses forward.

Friends Helping Friends of Cayuga County, Inc is a 501(c)3 secular charitable nonprofit. We assist low-income individuals throughout Cayuga County in Central New York. All donations made to Friends Helping Friends are tax deductible and 100% of your donation goes directly to the programs and services that we offer;

  • The Holiday Helper Program 
  • The Cloth Diaper Program 
  • Springtime Gift Baskets 
  • The Back-to-School Program
  • The Food Pantry
  • The Hygiene Pantry
  • The Infant Supplies Pantry
  • Halloween Costume Lending Library (discontinued)

1,180 local children have been assisted through our programs. Our food, hygiene, and infant supplies pantries have assisted countless additional families.

Friends Helping Friends of Cayuga County, Inc was founded in 2012, and legally incorporated as a non-profit on March 1, 2017. 
The Friends Helping Friends motto is, "Together, we make a difference." Though Cayuga County may be large, at Friends Helping Friends, we're all close neighbors. Our members are both those in need and those with "enough", and together we co-mingle our resources, making sure that each neighbor has a support network if and when they need it. 

Our Facebook page is a place where members may ask about local programs and resources, request hand-me-down clothes or household items they're in search of, or even ask for food if they're hungry. 

Find us on Facebook to stay current on all events and ways to be involved. 

315 . 209 . 2609
P. O. Box 572
Auburn, NY 13021