Together, we make a difference.


What is Friends Helping Friends?

Friends Helping Friends of Cayuga County, Inc is a 501(c)3 charitable organization that works to assist low income individuals to locate free or low-cost food, household items, services, and seasonal needs when other charitable organizations or governmental programs are unable to do so. Our Facebook page acts as a support network where members may exchange information, volunteer free goods or services, request items or services to meet a need, and give general support to other local members in any way necessary.

Why does Friends Helping Friends Exist?

25.8% of Auburn residents live below the poverty guidelines of $24,250 per 4-member household - which is almost 6% higher than the New York state average. Due to the “supplemental” nature of food-assistance programs, families within our community often come up short on food during the last week of each month - and local food pantries were struggling to fill that gap.

Friends Helping Friends of Cayuga County, Inc is a safety-net for emergency food relief. When available, we also provide non-food related items which the local food pantries are unable to give; hygiene products, feminine care items, disposable and cloth diapers, toilet paper, shampoo, infant formula, baby wipes, and cloth diapers. 

Many of the families within our community who are food-insecure often experience additional financial challenges during certain times of year. Therefore, we began offering seasonal programs to help alleviate some of that burden;
Every spring, volunteer members help us fill children's springtime gift baskets with outdoor toys that promote exercise and appreciation for nature, seed packets, and healthy snacks.
Every August, volunteer members purchase backpacks and school supplies for students who could not otherwise afford them.
Every winter, we all work together to do a toy drive and distribute care packages filled with essentials for families in need.

Much of the funding donated to Friends Helping Friends of Cayuga County, Inc has come directly from Cayuga County’s own caring community members and former clients who had previously found themselves in need! Our volunteers are our own neighbors, our friends, and our local businesses! What a wonderful circle of giving! 

315 . 209 . 2609
P. O. Box 572
Auburn, NY 13021